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Components of Successful New Hire Onboarding For Technology Companies

Study after study points to the numbers reflecting that a great new hire onboarding program is directly tied to the retention of your workforce. When you engage them at the start, connect them to your company culture, and provide them with the tools to be successful, you’ll have a higher retention rate than your competitors who have either no onboarding, or a jumbled, disorganized hodge-podge of a program.

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Employment Law Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make

With the rash of new employment laws that have been passed in the last several years it’s all but impossible for employers to feel confident that they are in compliance with them all. But forget these new laws, many companies aren’t complying with some of the oldest laws on the books and they have no idea they are even in violation. Here are a few of the laws that companies most frequently find themselves out of compliance on. Are you aware of them and how do you size up?

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Pitfalls to Avoid When an Employee Makes a Harassment Claim

“Harassment” and “hostile work environment” are certainly buzzwords that HR professionals and managers hear a lot the last several years. So much so that many managers are in “harassment fatigue” and can find themselves in a tough situation by not acting timely or appropriately when they receive a complaint.

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